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Twinmax Vacuum Take-off Adapters

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Twinmax Vacuum Take-off Adapters

Twinmax Vacuum Take-off Adapters

Twinmax Vacuum Take-off Adapters


Total Price: 4.00 (Incl. VAT @ 20%) PER PAIR

Enter Quantity Required:  

5mm Adapters

6mm Adapters

The Twinmax Vacuum Take-off adapters are designed for those engines where the carbs/throttle bodies do not have built-in take-off stubs.

All BMW Oilhead and most Airhead BMW's have take-off stubs, so adapters are not required.

Most Japanese engines do not have vacuum take-off stubs fitted.

Most carbs/throttle bodies that do not have vacuum take-off stubs usually have the tappings ready, sealed with a blanking plug/screw.
The Twinmax Adapter replaces that blanking plug/screw, thus providing access to the vacuum.

If your engine already has tappings, you will need to ascertain whether they are 5mm or 6mm and then select the correct Adapters to add to the Cart.

For engines where there are not ready-tapped take-offs or existing take-off stubs, it will be necessary to drill and tap (to either 5mm or 6mm as required) either the carb/throttle body in the appropriate place, or drill and tap the inlet manifold AFTER the throttle (i.e. between the carb/throttle body and the cylinder head)

The minimum purchase is for a pair of either 5mm or 6mm Adapters, as required.
Each number in the 'Enter Quantity Required' box represents a pair of Adapters.

For orders containing Adapters only, delivery is by Royal Mail for both the UK and Overseas.

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