Customer Service

Our only goal is to supply quality products at fair prices to satisfied customers.

For the vast majority of orders, this goal is reached, but occasionally mistakes are made, either by us, by a supplier or by a courier.

We'd just like to say that we don't make mistakes on purpose!

So, if you are less than satisfied because, for example, we sent you the wrong goods, an item is damaged or delivery is late or not delivered at all, please don't get cross with us straightaway.
Contact us first, by email or telephone and explain the problem.
Generally speaking problems are pretty straightforward to sort out and can usually be resolved quickly.

Then, if you think we have treated you badly, please feel free to get cross!
In the event you are already cross and feel like venting, we'd rather you telephoned as angry emails always upset all concerned and usually give a false impression!

We only use the following:
Royal Mail Special Delivery, Recorded and First Class

We use these carriers because they are professional and accurate so we have a very low rate of mis-delivery and literally only three complete losses in 13 years of despatching goods.

However, please bear in mind that if there is a difficulty with delivery, it isn't our fault as we have no control over the actions of a carrier.
On the other hand, it IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY to sort it out on your behalf as smoothly as we can.

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